on December 14, 2013

Dear Scringo’ers, since 100% of our time is devoted to App developers, we have decided to publish monthly App reviews which we call #AppOfTheMonth.

Each month we will have a fun debate in our office about one App that is worth mentioning, and we’ll share our review of it.

This month, and for the first #AppOfTheMonth of 2013-2014 Here comes….



Have you stumbled upon StumbleUpon the app? It took me a while to do it, but I am so glad I did! Rarely do I find an app that is so useful.

So on the “new web” content is king and websites and news blogs are rushing around to create viral content, to find the next big thing, but the truth is that amazing content exists – you just haven’t found it yet. Meet StumbleUpon, your new best friend who shares all the coolest stuff from the Internet with you.

How It Works

StumbleUpon is a way to discover the most interesting online content. Sign up with them, add some interests that you want to read more about, and then click the stumble button and they’ll show you an article they think would interest you.

If you like the article, give it a thumbs up. If not, a thumbs down. StumbleUpon records your responses and tailors the content just for you. Stumble in all of your interests, just one interest, or browse trending items.

Just In Time!


Now is the perfect time for StumbleUpon.

Since I use my iPhone to browse Facebook at least half the time I end up stuck with what’s in Facebook. While it is entertaining, I don’t go away from articles like “You know you’re an 80’s child…” or “10 Cutest Goldfish” feeling smarter or as if I have learned anything. I’m seeing less and less of my friends sharing interesting articles and more and more advertising.

So I stopped reading so much news on Facebook and started a serious relationship with Pulse. And I love Pulse. I have my a dozen categories set up and browse through it all. Can a reasonable person still be lacking quality content after Facebook and Pulse? My goodness yes!

And here comes my new old best friend, StumbleUpon. I used StumbleUpon years ago when it came out on the web and gradually lost touch. And unlike most Facebook “friends” from long ago, StumbleUpon has gotten more interesting, better looking, and more fun. I’m so excited to see StumbleUpon where I am – my iPhone and Android tablet.

Droooid – Why The Bad Reviews?

On the Google Play store, more than a few bad reviews about the app crashing made me concerned. But I downloaded for Android and didn’t have any problems on my Nexus 7 running on Kit Kat.

It’s just as fun and works just as well as iPhone. In fact, since I use the tablet as a reader already, I prefer it to the iPhone for this app.

Room For Improvement

The app itself works great, just a few tiny criticisms. Once you get to the bottom of an article there is no really easy way to get to the top. And with so many good articles I want to read this happens a lot.

I’d love a button on the bottom. When you browse, it’s a swipe, but I think having a tap, like Kindle, would be helpful. I clicked on some articles by accident while swiping. Aside from those two issues, the app is a pleasure to use.


If you’ve used StumbleUpon in the past, you’ll really love the app. It’s all the qualities of the online version, with the ease and fun of an app. Every night I read Pulse for news, Kindle for literature, and now I have StumbleUpon too. If your first introduction to StumbleUpon is through the app, you’re in for a treat!

Fill out your interests and take the time to like or not like articles because it’ll really improve your experience. And like every friendship, you have to give StumbleUpon a chance to get to know you.

Happy Stumbling!


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