on April 25, 2013

So you have created an epic app..

and your user base is rapidly growing, what more could you ask for? You might think, “Well, not much”, but this is the story of many app developers: Talented, creative men and women whose apps have become a success, but for some reason or another aren’t seeing financial gains. Developers of today are finding themselves realizing that their large user base does not necessarily translate to profit, leaving them to wonder what else they can do?

This is why monetization options for apps are in such high demand. Currently, there are three predominant routes to make money from your app:

  1. Paid Apps - This option is the most obvious and direct way of banking off of your app. By setting an initial price, users can buy into your product and be on their way with you gaining that exact money or at least a portion of it. Unquestionably, this is a valuable option when your app has a solid reputation and is highly sought after. However many developers have found that this is not necessarily the only nor best option as users are clearly turned-off by having to pay upfront. Free applications are downloaded far more often than paid ones. So what options do we have then?
  2. In-App Purchase – This option is just what the title states: gaining profit off of purchases made within your app. Being one of the most popular money-making approaches for free apps, users typically make in-app purchases in order to access special content or features. The purchasing process is done directly through the app and is seamless to the user in most cases. As with paid apps, in-app purchases are typically facilitated by mobile platform providers that take a share of the money spent (usually in the range of 30% or so), but in-app purchases always seem to buy themselves out offering huge potential to make you money.
  3. Mobile advertising – Lastly, other companies love how popular your app has become and many times will offer to pay you to advertise for them through your app. Mobile advertising has become increasingly apparent, manifesting itself namely through mobile web banners, mobile web posters, SMS advertising, etc. The true trick in this option is finding the right amount of advertising that will, yes, make you money, but also won’t turn your users away. Find that balance and see your app make the money it deserves.

Scringo is fully aware of the great number of amazing apps that could benefit from having a bit more financial wiggle room. We also know that these same apps feel like the above options don’t fit perfectly with their vision or allow for no developer control or tailoring. That’s why we’re here to help.

You’ve got a choice!

Scringo now offers alternative monetization features that are not as intrusive nor as drastic as the options listed above. These new features include:

  1. A ‘More Apps’ tab – This tab essentially functions as a way to expose users to more brand new, contextually-relevant apps. Even better, this tab is virtually non-intrusive as it will only appear in your sidebar.
  2. Pop-In-Ads – This feature is fully customizable, letting you choose where, when and how long you want to display dynamic banners for contextually relevant apps. This feature is perfect for those developers who are looking for more control in seeing their app make money!

By learning either from the major money-making options and/or using Scringo’s awesome monetization features, you too can make more from your app, while still remaining uniquely you.

We here at Scringo believe your app can grow.
All that’s left to do is make it happen.

Enable our features today!


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